How my week was

Hellooo. Sorry guys for not posting for so long but I have to work and i'm a little bit tired s: but I'll promisse I'll try to post more. So this week was great, I'm 18 finally and yesterday me and my friend (who turned 18 this week too) we made our birthday "party" yesterday and omg it was so cool, I needed a night like yesterday.
I'm sorry but I didn't take pictures all days but I have here the pictures of 3 days :) Hope you like it

This day we (me and my friends) went to a chinese restaurant and it was so good, the food is so yumii. And omg the restaurant was beautifull.

The pictures with my cats were at my birthday, it was a really sunny day.
The picture with the baloons and with mickey were at my work, we're having kind of a month party with carousels and food at a place here and I'm working in a tent.
The photos of the cake were at my birthday party with my family and that's my cake :p

Keep in touch for my next post lovelies <3


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    1. Thank you so much hun <3 I followed you and you're really pretty and your eyes, omg! :O

  2. Hello Carina. I really like your blog and it would mean a lot to me if you would take a minute and check, follow my blog if you like. Thank you so so much, have a nice day,
    xoxo Nika

    1. Thank you hun, I followed your blog and you're really cute *

  3. Love this post, really enjoying reading your blog!! I am following you now :)

    Id be really grateful if you have a minute to visit me!

    1. Aww thank you so much, that means a lot to me <3
      Yes of course, I followed you and you have a really great blog!