How my week was

Here I am with another "How my week was", I'm sorry for not posting quite long ago, but this week was insane, so much work, in the mornings I slept and the rest of the day I was working and we arrived home so late, i've been giving flyers for a event and when I had free time I took it to work or to distract myself a little bit from working, so sorry, this week hopefully will be better. Ok, here we go:
The first 2: Monday - the only day with free time. We went to Fátima, that is a city with a big santuary and very known. It was so great;
The 2 photos with the computer: Tuesday - it was me working all night, Monday to Tuesday, I had no sleep but I did it;
The 2 photos of "some place": Wednesday - was my work during all month of May, it's called "Feira de Maio" in portuguese, it's a place with carousels and food and things to buy, it's pretty cool but it was stressfull and I was so tired;
The 2 photos with the computer and the cars: Thursday - my work, again, it was raining and we had nothing to do;
(Okay this is stupid but I have no photos from Friday, forgot to take)
The 2 photos with me and the colourfull place: Saturday - me at dinner with my work colleagues and the local stadium;
The last photos:  are from today (Sunday) - I've been taking 1 or 2 hours to distract myself playing Plants vs. Zombies and being at tumblr and reading Elle.

Hope you liked and once again, sorry.
And i'm really thankfull for the followers and comments I've been receiving lately. Thank you so much, it means the entire world to me ;3 Bye

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