50 random facts about me :)

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Another different poooost guys. In this post I'll say 50 random facts about meee. I hope you like it and if there's something you want to share you can comment

1- I loooove, love, love looove cats. I really like dogs but cats are my passion (yeah, I'm gonna be one of those old ladies with lots of cats, but with a guy I hope);
2- I have this bad habit of sleeping in the carpets. I know. When I'm watching tv or even when I'm working on projects, I fall asleep, not in the sofa, not in bed, but in the carpets, with no pillow or blanket or anything. Just me and the carpet.

3- I talk a lot. Sometimes I talk way to much and people get bored of that. What I can I say? It's part of me.
4- I love water and when I see a picture of a pool or the sea I say "yummii" and my friends are like "what? yumii?". Weirdooo
5- If I had to choose 2 foods to eat for a whole week they would be fries and chocolate.
6- I smile and laugh a loooot.
7- I have the horrible habit of laughing in bad moments. Seriously.
8- I'm obcessed with the color pink.
9- I'm a total "woman" when it comes to shoes and bags and lipsticks. I love shoes, I love bags and lipsticks.
10- Here in Portugal most of the portuguese people went to Algarve. Well, I've never went there..
11- My music taste is always changing. Always.
12- I'm affraid of the dark.
13- I talk when I'm sleeping and sometimes I get out of the bed and stay there, just staring (that's what my friends and family says) and I don't remember of anything! :o
14- I'm a tired person. Even if I slept the whole night or the hole day, I'm always tired but I still have looots of energy and I'm never quiet and I'm always moving.
15- You can see that I didn't slept anything when I start laughing in a low sound and laugh of everything.
16- I am a lazy person. Really lazy.
17- I hate projects.
18- I don't like that much of soups.
19- I freaking haaate coconut but I like coconut cake.
20- I have a disease.
21- I eat cakes every single night/day (my aunt's fault)
22- I don't do diets, I don't get fat even if I eat too much and I only do exercise for about 2 hours for 2 in 2 weeks.
23- I've never been drunk. Just happy.
24- I've never smoked.
25- In the month of August, been this way about 2 years ago, I don't know why, but I sleep at day and stay awake at night.
26- Most of the people like more of pools than beach. I like more of the beach than pools.
27- I want to live in other country but I don't have the courage. Maybe because of the friends or because of the city.
28- I love to watch other people's instagram. Especially if you are famous or if you have an instagram with fashion or make up or pink.
29- I like books but I can't finish reading them.
30- Another thing is that I like movies but I can't finish watch them either.
31- I'm obcessed with games. Computer games, tablet games, phone games, everything.
32- I hate coffee. The last time that I tried coffee I puked after that.
33- I still watch cartoons. Good cartoons.
34- I want to be a dancer.
35- I love to sing. If I'm at work or with family or at school and some music that I know plays I can't spent the whole music quiet, I always need to sing at least 1 word.
36- I've never been in a sleepover party. Yeah, ruined childhood.
37- I love romance movies. Every single movie that the couple stay together at the end I love it.
38- "The Notebook" is my favourite movie.
39- I've never painted my hair.
40- I use glasses at home.
41- I have freckles on my face.
42- I'm a little bit jealous. That's not that good for me but I always try to ignore this feeling.
43- I'm horrible at discussions. I never have good arguments to finish the discussions.
44- I hate violence. Seriously.
45- I take lots of time to jump to the waves at the ocean just because I'm affraid of being sucked by the ocean.
46- When I like a song I play it on repeat for 3 or 4 days and then I get tired of it.
47- I dream when I'm listening to music.
48- I haaaate so much spicy hot food.
49- I hate my smile.
50- I don't like horror movies about ghosts and spirits. I seriuosly hate that, I can't watch those movies.

I really really hope you like it and if you have any suggestion for my next post, leave a comment ;D

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