How my week was

Hello beauties, once again, I'm sorry for not uploading for so long but the last week was impossible to me to come to the computer, I was running here and there and it was sooo insane, but now i'll pass my next 3 weeks at the computer because I really have to and I'll post more often, hopefully. I hope you understand and thank you for being patient, thank youuuu so much <3

Now, here we go to the "How my week was" post. The begining of the week was pretty calm, but then, in the middle of the week, we had no time to do nothing and I were so tired.


Monday it was my free day, I spent the day in the computer working, watching some tv and reading magazines. And for the first time I tried chocolate toast/rusk. OMG, seriously I'm so obcessed with this, it seems like you've done the heaven in your kitchen. It's really easy to do, you just need to spread chocolate in too pieces of bread (I usually cut the bread in triangles, don't know why) and then you just put it in the toaster for a couple minutes and there you go!


Tuesday I spent my day at work but I have no photos of that, and at night I tried garlic bread but instead of garlic I used salsa and it was pretty good!

The first thing you need to do is cut baguette of bread (I don't know how to say in english) then you add cheese on the top of the bread pieces and you put it in the toaster for 2/3 minutes.
After that you take out the bread and put salsa on top of the cheese and then put it on the toaster for a couple minutes and that's it!


Wednesday we went to work again but this time it was more like a physical day work. At luch, we went to a restaurant and that was soooo calm and we liked it so much, we ate so much good food and it was a good time with our bosses.


Thursday we went to our work place again, the one with to many physical things to do, and after that we lunched in front of a beautiful church.
After the lunch we still had free time so we went to the most beautiful place, seriously, it's some kind of a museum and in the museum it exists a garden. We loved it so much, it was like we where in some kind of a fairy forest. It was gorgeous.

(I have no photos from Friday)


Saturday I started my June photo a day challenge and we went to work in the morning but then: tatatatahh, we had an awesome event for the childrens, omg it was so insane, stressful and tiring but at the same time it was awesome, there was so many kids and we served food and drinks to everyone but we had to do it fast and fast and it was good to me, because I dealt with stress and that will prepare me to the future.

(Sunday will come in my next "How my week was" post)

I hope ya'll liked it and if you want to leave any suggestions for my next post or if you want to talk to me, you know where you can get my links, I'll love talking with you guys ;3 I love you and thank youuu so much

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