How my week was

Helloooo. Here I am with another "How my week was".
This week was kind of busy, but not that much. This was my last week at work, the work we were been doing was from school, it was a work during 2/3 months, so I just finished it this week and I miss it already.
So let's start:
Sunday and Monday:

1- The place I've been working;
2- A shirt I made at school and I used it on Sunday:
3- Rockin' my red lipstick and my infinity top;
4- My friend playing in an Ipod on Monday.


1- The ice cream sandwiches I've been eating lately, these are soooo good;
2- I've been watching Bob's Burgers and I'm addicted to these cartoons;
3- Hearting some photos on we heart it;
4- Snack tiiiime! I ate this "Donut Party" and omg! It's the heaven in your mouth, seriously.


1- Photographer mood on: A tree at my home;
2- A lamp at my door;
3- A tree with fruits, I think it's called medlar, in portuguese is "nêspera";
4- Roses in my garden. These are so gorgeous.


1- Taking a picture;
2- Thursday was a day to wear comfy clothes so this was my outfit;
3- Me again;
4- Some bikinis I tried on, I think I'm gonna buy the white one next week.


1- I've been playing Cut the Rope: Time Travel and I'm obcessed with this game, omg;
2- Some take away food, we were buying food for our dinner;
3- Rainbooow. I love sun and rain together!;
4- It was raining a lot, but we had a good time playing in the rain and watching the rainbow.


1- I tried a new way to curl my hair with the heat and I'll use this probably a lot;
2- Craziness over her;
3- Me being a "diva" :p


1- The flowers at my office;
2- The view today;
3- My cats. For the first time I took a decent picture to them;
4- Studying for the final exams, got lots of work to do;
5- Daisies at my gardeeen;

 I hope you liked it and thanks for the love you guys have been givin me <3
Kisses :*

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