June and July aquisitions

Heeeey lovelies!
So today I'm coming with a new type of post. Over the months of June and July I purchased some things, actually a lot of things, some were late presents for my birthday and some were in sale and I took them, they were in a really good price and they were good for summer so...I hope you like this post and let's start!

So the first thing is like a crop top and the color is black and it's from Stradivarius. This one I don't remember but I think it was round 2.95€/3.95 €. It's a good price in my opinion and this crop top is really good to wear under the tops or shirts and it's perfect to wear with high waisted shorts or high waisted skirts

This dress was a "treasure" for me, the first time I saw the dress I fell in love, it's really really cute and has bright colors and it was such a good price. This one was 3.95€, and it's really cheap for a dress. It's perfect for the Summer. This dress is from C&A.

I don't know the price of this shirt because it was a present and it's from Massimo Dutti and it's an orange/coral color and it has a peter pan collar in it. This shirt is really cute and I really like to wear this shirt because it fits perfectly in my body.

This "sweater" was a present too so I don't know the price neither the brand. It's in the color red and it's large under the arms and I really like that.

This shirt is from Pull&Bear and it was 4.99€. It's a dark pink color and it's open in the back (I forgot to take a picture). This is the perfect shirt to wear in the Summer, especially with your bikini.

This dress was another treasure, I found it in a local fair and it was 1€! I was like "Are you kidding? It can't be 1€ o:" and it really was 1€ and I love this dress, but the problem is that the dress is a little short so I'll have to find a seamstress to add material to the dress. The color of the dress is light/ baby pink.

This shorts are from Pull&Bear and they were 4.99€. They look like pajama shorts but they're not pajama shorts, they're sooo confortable, I love wearing them and I love the material. The color is black and it has this nice lace at the bottom.

My parents bought me this cover/ cape and its from a local store. The color is white, I got a black too, and the material is lace. I love this to wear on top of the bikini and you can use it like that: shorts bikini and the cape. It's perfect for summer.

I bought this bikini top from H&M and it was 12.95€. It's white and I love the elephant bone/ teeth in the middle.

I bought this bikini top from Modalfa and it was 4.95€. The price is really affordable and you can use it like 2 ways: you can wear it tied up around your neck or like a bandeau. It's really cute and it's polka dot.
Then, I bought this bandeau to wear under the tops and shirts and it has lace in the top. It's black and I love it, it's really comfortable. It was around 4.99€/2.99€ and it's from Bershka.


This sandals were a present so I don't know the price of it, but they are from CristianLay. These are really cute, I love them to death, they have bright colors and patterns and are perfect for Spring and Summer. They're really cute and you can wear them with a dress or skirt or some shorts.

My aunt offered me this "snickers", they're really similiar to Converse All Star but they're cheaper I guess.
They're dark blue, almost black and I love wearing them with sorts.


The first item of beauty things are this nail polishes from ClichĂ©. I love this brand and most of my nail polishes are from this brand. The colors that I got were "CopaCabana" and it's a light yellow and "CancĂșn" that is a dark green/ blue mint color.

I was looking for a sun lotion to get a better tan and I bought this sun oil. It's from Nivea Sun and it was 7.99€.

Since March that I've been wearing this wipes up removers and they're for remove your make up and at the same time it leaves your skin soft and clean. They're from Iseree.

I bought this exfoliating and it's really good, it removes your dead cells from the skin and it gets softer.
It's from Cien.

My mom bought this hair conditioner from MyLabel and I love it to death, it's really good for your hair, your hair gets shiny and repairs the dry ends and broken hairs.


I've been carring this elastics in my purse, they were 1€ and they're real good when you need to tie your hair up in these hot days of summer. They're really cute and I love the colors and patterns in them.

A friend bought me this bracelet from a trip and it has a moustache on and she knows I love moustaches. I love this bracelet and I've been wearing it every single day. The color is black and then the moustache is golden with glitterstones.

I know this post is really extended, so I'm sorry, but I hope you guys liked it and 'till next post. 

Stay good lovelies! :*

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