Cousin's Christening+Outfit

August 30, 2013

Hey lovelies!

So, as I told in my previous post, I was going to do a post about my cousin's christening, so here it is!
My cousin's christening was in 25th August and I was the photographer, yeeey :p
I loved so much to be the photographer, but a thing that wasn't a plus is that my feet just died at the end of the day because I was always up and walking to take photos to everything and since I was with heels...
We went to the church first, of course (the church was gorgeous!), and then we went to the restaurant to have lunch and the food was delicious!
This was the outfit that I wore (I'm sorry but I couldn't take better photos of my outfit since it wasn't my camera).

Dress: Local fair
Shoes: Local fair too
(at this photo my hair was starting to be curly... too bad, because a hairdresser straightened my hair in the morning and it was so much better :l )

 So now I'm gonna share some photos, I'm sorry that I covered people's face but they asked me too and I want to ask you another thing: (I'm not saying that you do this) but please don't download this photos, please!
Here are the photos:
One of the tables of the restaurant where we sat, the food was awesome and the restaurant was so comfortable!

My cousin's christening cake, it was the best!

Here is the woman from the restaurant cutting the cake.

Here we were drinking champagne with the restaurant owner, he was so nice to us!

I hope you liked this post and if you like this sharing posts about my experiences, comment down below.
Thanks and love you <3

Byyyye lovelies!



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