How my week was

Heyy lovelies!

Today I'm coming with a "How my week was" post and this week was a really relaxing week, I finally had time to "spoil" myself a little, I didn't had time to spoil myself for a long time, treating my hair, nails, skin and everything and I had time to enjoy this weather too:

This week, the weather was really good and that means I had so much time to go to the pool and enjoy the sun, and the sun was really good for tanning too.

I finally had the chance to try pistachio ice cream and I have to tell you: it's so so good, it's a different flavour but it was really good and definitely a thing to repeat.

This week, I went hard on exercising and I took many walks too, and these were some flowers that I loved and found in the way. I don't know the name of the flowers, I just know that they're really gorgeous!

 This may sound silly for some people but for the past 2 weeks I've been learning korean by myself (by the internet) just because I wanted to learn a new language and I choose korean because I love everything about Korea and it's a culture that interest me so much and it's a place that I would love to live or visit in the future. I'm loving this language so I've been working and studying so hard and I don't regret nothing.

I've been looking for good games and I tried a game about minions called "Minion Rush". If you don't know what minions are (but you should probably know), they are this cute little yellow characters from the movie "Despicable me" which is a movie that I really love, and the game is so awesome and so well "designed"/done and I'm obcessed with it. You should try it.

This week was also good to improve my drawing skills. I've been taking some tips from this book that I have for years, from school, and I never though it was so good.

In the beginning of the last week, we bought new exercise machines and fitness equipment, that's why I've been working hard on exercise. I'm so motivated to reach my goals and to have a healthy life and having this machines and equipment motivated me more.

My aunt came from Paris to Portugal for holidays and she bought me macarons there and I have to tell you that I love macarons and they're so good.

My snacks have been looking like this and I'm loving this about trying an healthy life and it will help me in the future and I'm feeling so good, more happier, more productive, I smile more because of the healthy habits, I sleep the time I need, I eat healthier, I do exercise and I drink so much water and that's helping me in so many ways and the water is also good to your skin, nails, hair, loosing weight, so you can see that water is a plus in your life.

So this was my week, I hope you liked this post and "stay tunned" for this week new post comming soon, about my workout routine that I've been doing and I'll give some rules/tips that I'm following and that are helping me feeling better.

Well that's it, untill next post!
Bye lovelies

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