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Hey lovelies!

I'm coming with a new "Haul", most of the things are shoes and most of the things I don't know the price.
So I'm gonna start:

The first shoes that I got were from my aunt, she offered me and I think they re really cute, they are so comfy and you can walk with them all day and feel no pain, I love them. They are blue, have a pattern line at the top and fringes at the front.

These shoes I bought them at a local fair and they were 10€. I like to buy things there because you find gorgeous things and so cheap. This shoes I bought them for my cousin's christening and I have to tell you that, ate the end of the day my feet just died, but they are good to walk, they're really tall and I love them to death!

These shoes were another gift from my aunt. They're a dark brown and they're not my favorites but I like them too, the bad thing is that they hurt my pinky finger but that's something we need to get used to, walk more with these shoes.

This ring was a gift from my aunt from France and she bought him at that local fair, it was 1€.
It's really really cute and I love the color.

Okay, I'm in love with this nail polish, I been wearing it all week and it's this perfect rosy/pink coral color and it looks so good on the nails.
The color is called "Balí" and it's from Cliché.

This crop top is another thing that I'm in love with, it's from Bershka and it was 5,99€.
It says "Créme de la Créme" and I searched the meaning of this and it means "Best of the bests" "top of the tops", I though it was a funny meaning so I bought it.

These shorts I bought them at SportZone (a sports store at Portugal) and they are so comfy, I love to do my workout with them. They are black and they have a green stripe at the sides. I don't remember the price.

This skirt is from Bershka too and it was 5,99€. I think it's really pretty and it goes perfectly with that crop top. This skirt is of my sister, but we share clothes so... love the colors at it and it's perfect for summer and spring.

So, that's it. I hope you like it, I hope this post isn't too big and any tips you want to leave to improve my posts or blog just leave a comment below *
Love you <3




  1. I love the crop top!