Summer Party Outfit

Hey lovelies!

So, as I said in my "August Playlist", I had the best nights at a summer party at my city recently, I hadn't such good nights and perfect moments like that for so long and I went with the bests. It was crazy and the people and party were awesome.
So I though I could post the outfits that I used to the party (the photos weren't taken at those days because I didn't had time during the day).
So here they are, I hope you like it and I hope I can give you good ideas:

Night 1:

Skirt: Pull&Bear
Shoes: Local Store
Top: Homemade

Night 2:

T-Shirt: Local Store
Shorts: Homemade by a friend
Shoes: Don't know the brand
Necklace: Homemade

Night 3:

Skirt: Pull&Bear
Crop Top: Bershka
Shoes: Local store

And now I'll leave you some photos of the night:

(Disclaimer: none of the photos of the party were taken by me)

I'm sorry for only post today, but Saturday I was really busy and I hadn't much time.
I hope you liked this post.

Bye lovelies!



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