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Hey lovelies!

So today I'm coming with a "new in" post. Over the months of August and September I purchased some things, I went to the sales because it's cheaper and you can buy more things with the money of one, so I was really happy with what I bought and I received a gift from a friend too..I hope you like this post and let's start!

In the picture you can't really see but this pants are in a color like military green, they're from H&M and they're a little bit high waisted. I love them so much and they're perfect for Fall. (The photo don't make justice, but believe me the pants are so pretty)

Then I bought another pair from H&M too and the pants where both 9,95€ each, I think it's a really good price for pants. They're tight and look really good on my legs and back.

Then I bough this knee socks, they're black and so soft and comfy and I love to wear them. They're so perfect to fall, even the color. They're from a local store and they where 1€. Yeyy!

Then I bought this "hair band" I don't know how they say, it's in this pretty floral pattern and it's from Blanco. It was 4,99€ and it looks so good when it's on, especially with straight hair

I've been looking for a chain like this for so long (2 months, not that long..) it's golden and it's a little big but I can change the size so that's pretty nice. I love it soooo much and it looks good with almost everything, it definetly changes an outfit.
This chain is from Stradivarius and it was 9,99€

(here it's me using the chain)

I made this floral hair band this month and it only cost me 2€ and the normal price in a store is like 4€/6€ so I think I made a good choice! I'm still making some arrangements but I love it and if you like to see a tutorial/DIY on this please let me know and I'll be really happy to do it!

(here it's me with the hair band)

For beauty I'll start with this face cream, this is soooo good, it leaves my skin so soft and after I put this I make a massage around my eyes and face and it feels so good after a shower. It was one of the best things I bought. It was 2€ and it's from a local store.

Omg, I was looking for a Baby Lips for soooo long, I heard good things about it from beauty gurus and bloggers and they're finally selling them here in my city and I freaked out when I saw them.
It was 2,95€ and it's in the color "Cherry Me". I'll risk and say this has the best smell I have ever smelled in my life. Yeah..

For my last item, but not least, I have this pretty palette. It was a gift from a friend and I'm really satisfied with it, I use it almost everyday and I can make pretty nice make-up looks with this, so thank you Joana <3
The brand it's Activa, this palette has 18 eyeshadows, 2 bronzing powders and 2 blushes and it comes with the brushes. This is small and I can carry this in my bag and that's a plus!

I hope you liked it and I hope you can use something from here. Anything you want to ask or if you want to talk to me just leave a comment bellow or tweet me or whatever you want, I always reply <3

Bye lovelies!




  1. Love your flower headband. :)