Redecorating my room #1: Organizing my shelf


Today I come with something different, yey.
So, all this Fall weather gave me inspiration and I felt in the mood to redecorate my room because I'm not satisfied with the decoration, so I took everything that I didn't like or I didn't need and I'll buy new decorations and boxes to organize my things every months, because nobody wants a messy room right? especially me, when it comes to cleaning and decoration my room I'm really specific and perfeccionist.
So let's start (I'm sorry for the bad quality it was at night) :



This is how it looks after I cleaned and organized the first shelf a little bit better (I know there's some of those transparent balls that look dirty but it's like the reflection). In the corner I have that little owl guy that I made with a friend and I think it's really cute. Then in the middle I have this transparent cups with transparent water balls where I put the brushes that I use the most, the others are in a box inside that black basket. In the background I have 3 cups, a blue one, a transparent one and a cup from a drink that I had when I travelled to Paris. In the middle of each cup I have like the makeup that I use the most, without the bronzing powders, blushes, eyeshadows, etc. , that's what I use when I don't feel in the mood to do like a full face makeup look, I just put some concealer, eyeliner and my Baby Lips and ready to go.

So here's how I organize my makeup things and acessories: blue cup I have my  acessories and more brushes. In the transparente one I have all my mascaras, eye pencils and eyeliners. And in the 3rd one I have my lipsticks. I feel like it's so much easier when you have everything organized, right?

This is how my 2nd shelf is now, it's so much better, no compare. One thing that I love to decor and organize rooms is boxes, I love decorative boxes, they're pretty and they help to make  things easier.

Since I want my shelf to be more decorated, I put this plate that was standing in my kitchen doing nothing and since I like floral pattern a lot, I used it to put my rings. In the center of that I put this type of cup/ bowl to store the bracelets that I use the most and I think that rings around it make it more cute.

For the rest of my jewelry I have this square basket where I put my necklaces and the bracelets that I don't use a lot. It's missing 2 necklaces but... oh well.

So I used this basket to put the nail polishes that I use the most, I'm not gonna lie I've been in love with nail polishes. If you see the photo with the boxes, the biggest one is my nail polishes box, for now it's only half filled but I keep the rest of the nail polishes there.

On the top of the shelf I have this cute little pig moneybox with a french phrase that says "La bourse ou la vie..." wich means "Your money or your life...". I think it's really really cute.

Then, behind it I have this picture that I painted at school for the Drawing class. I took the idea from the internet, I liked the image and I tried to paint it equal but it's not equal at all :p but I love it anyways, I worked hard on that and I'm proud of myself!
Then I have that Husky dog that my cousin got me because the dog it looks like my dog which is a Husky too and light grey so I loved it and I keep it in my room.

I'm sorry if I wrote a lot, if the post is really big, sorryyyy.
I hoped you guys liked it, once again I'm redecorating my room so I didn't bought anything yet so my room is nothing special now. If you have any tips on decoration and organization I would love to read your ideas, they would help me a lot. 

Thank you for reading and Bye lovelies!



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