My Favorite Nail Polishes


Today I'm talking about my favorite nail polishes, the ones that I use the most from my nail polish "collection".
I'm soooorry for the quality of the photos, it's really bad. At the moment I don't own a camera so that's why, I'm sorry again *

I love this nail polish, it's nude and I don't know if you can see but it has "glitter" in a golden color. I love it and it's really simple but glamourous at the same time.

I love these nail polishes so much, the black one is from the collection "Glamour" and it "screams" glamour, seriously it's perfect. It has silver glitter.
The green one is like a shimery green and is gorgeous for christmas. It reminds me of mermaids for some reason.
The kinda "purple-dark pink" one has glitter and it's so nice for fall.

I've been loving this nail polish, it's per-fec-tion. I use it almost every time for winter. It has shimmer and it's a really gorgeous dark blue.

The "La Laque" nail polishes I bought them in Paris and they have metallic colored hearts, one in pink and blue and another in pink.
The "Yes love" one is a bright baby blue and omg, I used it almost every summer. I owned it last year or 2 years ago and it still perfect and so good to paint, it has a nice brush.

Seriously, this nail polish? Chanel made it so right, it's so good to paint the nails, the brush is so good, it's not too liquid or to thick and it dries so fast. And the color? Awesome. Is this dark blue with shimmer color and it looks so good for fall and winter.

These were my "go to" summer nail polishes, but I still wear them now. 
The first one is this "navy" green-blue color and it's so pretty.
The second one is this pink-rosy color and it's beautiful and girly and I love it.
The third one is this baby yellow color and is so pretty, it looks really good on the nails.

That's it! I hope you liked it! Anything you want to ask or if you want to talk to me just leave a comment bellow or tweet me or whatever you want, I always reply <3

Bye lovelies!



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