My last 2 weeks via Instagram

♡ Hey! 
Here's another "My week via Instagram" post. I've been away from my blog so I'm updating now with a 2  weeks via Instagram. I hope you like it *

12- I like to annoy my cat, I'm mean :p ;
11- Reposted this giveaway photo;
10- Finally had time to catch up with some of my friends to have a good talk and to try a coffee with chocolate;
9- Gorgeous sunset;
8- Hot chocolate feels so good when we're sick;
7- Yay! New gift from my auntie;
6- Gotcha! Finally made it! I have now photos of my cat sleeping with her tongue showing off;
5- Yumi, I finally tried the Kit Kat Chunky Peanut butter, so good! ;
4- Raining a lot around here;
3- This pomegranate ice cubes taste so good + they're 100% healthy!;
2- Had so much fun with my family, around the bonfire at night;
1- Ootd, I've been loving my new shirt. 



  1. lovely pics, your cat is so cute! I annoy my two dogs all the time haha, a bit mean but they love it really! x

    1. Thank you! My cats don't like it :p well they're cats but I do it anyways *

      Followed <3