My Week via Instagram #1

Hey! Here's my first "My week via Instagram" post. I hope you like it *

9- Finally Autumn showed up at my town;
8- Was raining a lot at this day;
7- This is a shot for my next post;
6- As you can see I've been a little bit excited about Fall, I just love it (this day was a "cozy outfit" day);
5- These have been my favorite nail polishes, no matter the season we are;
4- I've been looking for some Fall clothes and I fell in love with this shirt and this sheer blouse;
3- My "cheat day" eating a delicious strawberry donut and reading Cosmopolitan (love that magazine) ;
2- Had so much fun with my family, around the bonfire at night;
1- Ootd, I've been loving my new shirt. 



  1. Those nailpolishes look so cute!
    Your blog is lovely!

    1. Thank you dear *
      Aww thank you, that means a lot ♡
      You're really pretty and you have a great blog, followed *