Update ♡

Hi ladies!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted for A YEAR!!! What?! How could I? I'm soooo so so sorry. I've went way too far with this time seriously, not even proud with myself just because it's a thing I like to do and I added to my New Year's Resolutions list "post more here"! Oh God what a mess.
I've been with lack of sleep this days lately just because things are a little complicated for me right now emotionally, but that kinda gave me strength to force myself to change and I definitely got a new lesson from life. And about changes: "There's bad things that come with good things." pretty much this, the bad thing about this made me want to change and do some changes and that's the good thing. If you're not happy with the life you have, change it!
About the lesson I got, I'm gonna keep it for myself just because it's way to personal for me. But I'm trying to enjoy this new chapter and I'll try to smile as much as possible and spend more days with the true ones that I love. Aaaand I'm gonna start posting again and seriously hope nothing appears on my way now so wish me luck because I really want to start posting more times, don't know if everyday but I'll try almost everydays. So yeah, that's my update and with that said, prepare yourself for a new Hold my Skirt and lots of posts!

Enjoy your life and always remember to smile. You're beautiful and you got to love yourself.


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