Water Balloon Fight Experience

August 29, 2013

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm talking about this crazy new experience I had a few days ago, 24th August, at my city.
It was a Big Water Balloon Fight that involved so many people and a lot of balloons.
There were National Tv stations, the local Radio station and many photographers, a dance teacher that gave a class before the fight, free wine, food, drinks, games, music and a lot of good things.
I'll talk more about this while I show the photos down below.

This is the outift that I wore:

T-shirt: The staff gave us for free, I was from the Activo Bank Team (Blue Power!)
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Bandeau: Bershka
Shoes: Fake all-stars

(congrats for this amazing photographer)

In this 1st group of photos: it's me (the one with the face showing*) with my friends before the fight but the bottom one,  in the middle were after the fight, as you can see we "caught" some water.
Before the fight, we danced with other people when a woman was teaching a type of dance at the stage.

In this 2nd group: At the first and second photo we were being "interviewed" really quickly by one of our national tv stations, the photo in that tiny little street is my team waiting to run for the baloons, the photo with the boys is when they were serving wine before the fight, 3 types of wine, for free. The wine that I tried was strong but good.

In this 3rd group: as you can see, is during the water balloon fight. I can't even describe what I felt at the moment, it was a thing of 3/4 minutes (because there was around 800/900 people so the balloons ended fast), it was soooooo fun, I ended up hurt in the back because my t-shirt was wet and someone shot a balloon really hard, but off that, it was insane!

In this 4th group: Here are the ballons, there were around 10.000 or more. At the end, we helped cleaning the ballons on the floor. I have to thank so much to the staff, the people who organized this, it was so fun, I had a different experience and it was one of the best days I've ever had.
Next year: Wait for ME!

I hope you guys liked this post. It was, definitely, a post that I liked so much to write, especially because it was an awesome day for me and I like to share my experiences with you.
Okay, that's it. And by the way, just to say: this week I posted and will post everyday untill Saturday, so stay "tuned" for tomorrow's post!

Bye lovelies!


*I only covered up my friend's faces because they asked me to. And I covered up other people's faces too because I think no one would like to end up with their faces at the internet, so I hope you understand.

(Disclaimer: None of the photos were taken by me, except the one with the outfit, the photos are from the different photographers that were there and some of the photos have the name of the person there )


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  1. Hallow!
    How do you do(*´`)
    I can speak English only a few.

    It seems to be very pleasant♫
    Many balloons are very beautiful.
    It is very enviable!

    1. Hey dear! Don't worry, I'm not the best too *
      It was really funny and the balloons were so colorfull, it's pretty :3

  2. Hello,
    I am nominating you for the liebster award! Please go check it out!


  3. Wow, this look so interestin and funny! *0* Nice blog, dear!


    1. It was! :p
      Thank you hun <3

      Followed your blog, you draw clothes? That's so cool :O