Huge H&M Wishlist: Getting Prepared for Fall (Part 1)

September 04, 2013

Hey lovelies!

Finally I made a new wishlist and this huge wishlist it's only from H&M...yeah!
I'm loving the new collection so much, but I kinda miss the last collection too, it was like a "badass" collection with a 'rock-n-roll' touch, it reminded me so much of CL and I'm so in love with her style.
About this collection, I have to say that it's perfect for the Fall time, the colors and everything and I love it.
So here's my H&M wishlist:

'Burgundy' Sweater - 19,95€

Black Pattern-Knit Jumper - 39,95€

Knitted Jumper - 14,95€

Lyocell Blouse - 39,95€

Long-Sleeved Body - 14,95€

Chiffon Blouse - 14,95€

Sweatshirt Top - 12,95

Bustier - 9,95€

Reefer Jacket - 59,95€

Denim Waistcoat - 24,9€

The second part is coming at the afternoon ^^
Hope you guys liked it and leave comments bellow about the new H&M collection and do you like it?

Bye lovelies!


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