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I'm needing inspiration on decoration and storage and stuff like that because as I said in my previous post, I'm redecorating and organizing my room, and I needed inspiration so I went to find some.
All this images have pieces of decoration or storage that I want, and some just show how I want to my room to look at the end.
I love all this rooms and the decoration is gorgeous, for me. I like simple things but with a girly touch, so I guess I'll have to add floral pattern in something just because I love floral pattern and it looks great in decoration.
So that's it. It's a quick post, but as I said it's an "inspirational post" and it helps me a lot so I thought I could share it with you *

Bye lovelies!



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10 comentários

  1. adoro, estou a mudar o meu, mas ainda não está completo.
    amanhã e domingo, vou fazer posts sobre o meu quarto e sobre como o quero.


  2. Obrigadaa
    Vou estar atenta aos posts e seguii *

    Beijinhos e boa sorte nessa decoração ^^

  3. I love these rooms!! I wish mine was like one of these

  4. Me too, they're so pretty and the decoration is perfect *

  5. I love that kinda rooms as well! They're just perfect combination of good taste, minimalism and girly touch! I'm re-doing my room this room and I'm trying to make it look like those rooms from tumblr! :D

    1. I know, I wish I could have a room like these * Good luck, if you need something just say ;)
      Followed ^^

  6. This is amazing, I would Love for my room to look like this!
    Please take some time out & visit my blog